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A third generation farmer, who learned by planting and harvesting crops at the family farm in upstate New York, became rooted in California when he attended UC Davis in 1978. One year later, when hired by the Robert Mondavi Winery, he was invited to join the inaugural team at Opus One where his advanced understanding of viticulture and enology compelled him to discover the possibilities of cabernet sauvignon.

Through collaboration with neighbors up and down Napa Valley, his work helped lay out the esteemed region’s rich wine history by developing new vineyards and composing some of the first vineyard designate wines. The 1999 Beckstoffer Vineyard from Paul Hobbs was the first designated wine from Beckstoffer’s famed To Kalon Vineyard which later would go on to earn the first 100 point score for the 2002 vintage. By continuing to identify select parcels and tending each block and row, he continues to cultivate his own path to tell the story of Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon.

Nearly six years ago, his first estate was established in Napa Valley, providing the foundation for a concept that otherwise may not have been brought to life. The coalescence of his 40 years’ experience with the variety and exploration into his revolutionary endeavor to refine wines from the region, carries us closer to producing the best expression of the land, beyond everyday expectations.

HOBBS is a singular vision to craft regal cabernet sauvignon from Napa Valley. Nestled between time and place, with the greatest reverence given to Mother Nature, the work is revealed in the wine.